It is linked to Buddhism, it encourages SIMPLICITY and a non-material based life to reach inner peace.


Nowadays, the roots of Minimalism have regained in interest. It mainly helps us face the way we conduct in our lives to reduce material possessions for a better Life.


Swap quantity for QUALITY!

To EXIST for ourselves instead for what we have. To BE!

It's all about dropping down to the essentials, the basics.

Being overwhelmed in our working or private Lives with too many appointments or material things rather shows a lack of organisation rather than notoriety or wealth.

Minimalism can change our Life with so much more Quality time and less pressure. It's satisfying and helps self Insurance.

Then, once we condsider a change, it's not done in one click! Never be afraid to say NO or LET GO, you'll be surprised! It'will simplify your Life. Always move one step at a time. Try the moves on yourself and only impact the Life of others in a positive way.


The so called "Popes" of Zero-Waste, Béa Johnson, can help with her books on how to reduce everything in your Life. Marie Kondo, a Japanese minimalism specialist could help you start with your living and working place, either with her certified consultants or Simply with her books.


Step out and slow down to discover another time lap. A life you can enjoy more by having more time for what matters most!